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Chubby witch here and this post is dedicated to Nephthys.


She’s an Egyptian goddess best known for being the wife of Set mother of Anubis, and sister of Isis.  There is more to her than that.
To me she is the goddess of transition, specifically from one form of existence to another. This usually means death of the physical body but it cold be death of  a negative lifestyle, ego, or any type of big change. 

Nephthys is goddess of the night.  She could see through the darkness and is prayed to so the unseen is revealed.  She accompanied Ra into and through Duat to help protect him from demons and can be prayed to for protection.

She is the goddess of  the death shroud, mummification, and mourning as well. She is the guardian of Hapy, who is the guardian of the lungs. She is foster mother to Horus and by default, protector of  the pharaoh, incinerating their enemies with her fiery breath.

Nephthys helped Isis find their brother, Osiris’ body parts after Set cut him to pieces. She mourns at her sister’s side and helps resurrect Osiris from the dead.

Her name means ‘Lady of the House’  and her titles include Useful and Excellent lady. One of the four ‘great chiefs’ of Osiris’ cult, nurse-mother of Horus, Nephthys of the Bed of Life, Goddess of the Mansion of the Sistrum, 

Beer, the kite(bird), and Benny bird, mummy wrappings, and more are sacred to her.