Elizabeth Jennings Graham

Chubby witch here. Since I’m a history buff, I’m going share some of  favorite stories. Up first.
Elizabeth is was the daughter of Thomas L. Jennings, a free African American and his wife, Elizabeth, a slave who he freed with the proceeds of his invention, that evolved into dry cleaning. Her parents made sure Elizabeth got an education and she went on to become a teacher in NYC.
Elizabeth’s success didn’t stop people from treating her like crap though.  She was obviously black and at the time New York city was segregated.  This led to the day that changed everything.  It was hot, muggy, and she and a friend were late for church.  They decided to hail trolley but the one they got didn’t have a ‘colored allowed ‘ sign, in hopes that no one would mind, the two women got on.
The passengers didn’t care and ignored the two, the driver and conductor got pissed. They told the women to get  off, Elizabeth refused. The driver and conductors upset brought a cop over. The officer asked the passengers if the had a problem with her, no one did. So he physically threw her off resulting in Elizabeth hitting her head on the ground

And a law suit by Elizabeth and her family. Plus media coverage from activist, Fredrick Douglas.

Elizabeth won and became an activist,  helping to desegregate the north.



The lord
Ingve Frey
Son on Njord and his sister
Twin of Freyja
Husband of Gerdr
Father of kings.
Step son of Skadhi
Hostage of the Aesir
Enemy of Surtr
Priest of the gods
He is the lord of peace, bringer of wealth and fertility.
He rides the golden boar,Gullenbursti and sails the folding ship
Horses,boar. And stag are sacred to him.