12th day of Yule

Holy crap! I only messed up once!

Today I honor all those who influence my life, divine or otherwise.

I Thank them for making me stronger, wiser, more independent, and closer to those around me.


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Even if that was not their intention .

Even the traumatizing crap.

I hope this coming year I am able to use what I’ve learned to help myself and others.

May we all be blesses and willing to do the work to get that way.


10TH and 11th day of Yule

These two days I honor The steadfast and Loyal Sigyn, wife of Loki.

I honor her for her undying loyalty as she tried to ease her husband’s pain during his torture.  I hope I can persevere as she has in my life’s efforts.

I Honor Heimdallr who guards and protects the world of the gods.

Silent Vidar, who will avenge Odin.  Due to his loyalty an steadfastness the god’s call on him in times of difficulty.800px-Vidar_by_Hansen

9th day of yule

To day I honor Tyr and Vor.

Vor is the Norse goddess of truth.

I thank her for Her lesson.

This year I will be more honest with myself so I may change for the better.

I honor Tyr, god of law to whom oaths are sworn.  I thank you for your courage and sacrifices you made

I hope to have the courage to make changes for the better.



8th day of Yule

cf075c086f4c9272f8f22da9d4f1190aToday I honor Odin.

Allfather, undefinable. giver of the breath of life and inspiration. Healer and Destroyer.

He gave us the gift of a soul,

I thank you for reminding me that knowledge is worth the pain I may have in receiving it. That cunning can be more important than brute force and that sometimes force is needed.  .I thank you for the inspiration you provide.

I hope that I may find courage and inspiration this coming year.

This vid reminds me of Odin

7th day of yule

I honor my Fylgia, an entity that attaches itself to a person from birth. A spirit guide, they are usually inherited..Fylgia often take the form of the animal that matches the person’s personality,, or women who were also the Dis(guardian of the clan).  It is their characteristics Beserkrs and the like take in combat  Fylgia are most often seen during dreams or when their person is near death.

This year I will learn to listen to it better, I will allow it to guide my and teach me the knowledge of my ancestors. I will do what I can to take the opportunities it presents to me, I have spent to long ignoring those opportunities

I thank the Fylgia for accompanying me

I’m sorry for neglecting you.


sixth night of Yule

To many the sixth day of Yule represents moderation

Today I honor  Frigga.

I Thank Frigga for her stabilizing influence.

I honor Frigga as Frou Holle and Perchta, the bright one who teaches that hard work is rewarded and greed, punished(eventually)

I pray that this year I will be well enough to work hard. I will learn moderation and resist being ton greedy.

I pray that I learn how to properly reward others and continue to give back to my community.



Forth night of Yule

Modern Heathens celebrate generosity tonight.

Tonight I honor the Vanir.

Njord who represents the generosity of the ocean, calm seas, and plenty of fish. Freyr, who represents the generosity of the land, battle, death, kingship, sex, and peace.  Freyja, who represents fertility of the animals, magic, and sex.

Through the generosity of this family we thrive.  With out farms their would be no food and my area would have even less jobs.



3rd day of Yulr

Tonight I honor Thor.

Son of Odin and Jord.

Husband of golden-haired Sif and battle ready Jarnsaxa.

Father of Thrud, magni, and Modi.

He is the Jotun’s bane, driving away or killing those who intend to disrupt the balance.

Protector of midgard, our realm and one of nine, he wields Mjolnir against his foes.  He used it to bless our fields and our brides as well.

He is a boisterous god, with hair like flames and eyes like embers. He enjoys good drink and a good fight.

He is not mindless though, able to employ cunning when it’s needed though he prefers to be upfront.

On Yule the last of the grain is offered to Thor in the form of the Jolbok, the yule goat modeled after the goats that pull his cart as it thunders across the sky.  Twigs and acorns from the oak, sacred to Thor, are used in decor and ritual.


Winter Solstice

Tonight Odin rides.

He leads his huntsmen as they pursue lost souls. Our dead visit from Helheim, and other entities roam. I honor them all.  The deeds of or ancestors are toasted and strangers are welcomed. Gifts are given, poetry recited, plays enacted, fires burn, dreams tell of the future and carols are sung(Wassailing).


wild hunt

Freyr and Gerd(or Freyja) join in union on this shortest day. Their union bringing fertility to the land. Freyr is a god of the Vanir tribe, god of fertility, peace, and self defense. Gerdr is a Jotun, a tribe of primal forces. A boar, sacred to Freyr was sacrificed in his honor. Over this boar oaths were sworn.  It’s blood was sprinkled on participants in blessing.  Now we may eat a Yule ham.

The Yule log is lit with a piece belonging to last years log.  The piece left at the ent of this year will protect the home. The log is often replaced with a log-shaped cake or a log with candles burning on it.

Homes are decorated with lights and yule trees are erected.

Mistletoe is hung to symbolize peace, holly brings protection,  Pine, Fir, ceder, and juniper also protects the home, brings prosperity, and renewal.  Holly is another protector and bringer of luck. Ivy is loyalty and a reminder to persevere. Birch represents renewal, oak reminds of victory over the cold, yew brings longevity,

Good Yule!


.sacred plants of the winter solstice