On Terrorism

Lives lost unnecessarily because a bunch of idiots couldn’t find a healthy way do deal with their shit

As with street gangs most of the people in these groups are looking for a place to belong, we all are in some way. Most of us clearly don’t think we are entitled to the lives of others. Not sure why they do but I do know they genuinely believe they are right in what they are doing.

Here’s a little rehash on the history of both ISIL(I refuse to call them ISIS)

As we know ISIL is the unnecessarily entitled and violent “Islamic” State of Iraq and Levant(Syria). Originating in 1999, they became part of Al-Qaeda in 2004 became a “state” in 2013, and separated from Al Qaeda in  2014. From then of they began working on creating their empire.  They have a thing for suicide attacks, beginning in 1999 with attacks on Shia mosques(against the law according to the Koran by the way), civilians, the Iraqi “government”, and Italians(UN sent them)

Boko Haram is a terrorist group based in Nigeria, Chad, and Ca maroon. They made the news a while back after kidnapping some girls in 1014, they still do that. They follow Wahhabism and Salafi, psycho factions of Sunni(much to the discomfort of other Sunni, I’m sure) Founded by, the now dead,(It’ll take a while to cleanse that soul) Mohammed Yusef. They have outlawed “Westernization” basically anything brought by colonialism(specifically the British) though they are totally okay with acting like colonists toward those who aren’t run by them.  This anti western sentiment makes sense to some degree, it’s a reaction to having someone else’s way of life shoved down their throats. Unfortunately they decided on one of the most asshole sects of Islam(because Easternization is apparently totally Okay) They turned violent about 2009 when the government decided to do after them and attacked a funeral. Revenge attacks ensued and they decided to be mass murderers, rapists, and thieves.  Their only opposition in Nigeria at least is the some what unorganized military, corrupt officials, and, some civilians.

This isn’t even counting the fact that, in America at least, most terrorist are fundamentalist white guys. Of course they don’t get the same ratings as brown people.  When they do, they are “mentally ill”.  This in an insult to mentally ill people like myself.  Just like the assholes in ISIL and the like are an insult to Islam.



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