Mother’s Night

December 20th is the First day of the Germanic Yule, the first day of Christmas, If you will. Called mother’s Night or Módraniht, female spirits are honored for their services and their blessings asked.  These spirits include Goddesses, the Disir also known as Matres or Matrones.

It is also the the time Sunna regains power.  Sunna or Sol is a Jotun, a spirit of the potentially destructive forces of nature. She is specifically the personification of the powers of the sun. Over the year she is pursued by Hati, a wolf shaped Jotun of eclipses(?). His intention is to eat her.  Before Yule Sunna is eaten by Hati or she’s just at her weakest. Today Sunna’s daughter takes her place as Sunna reborn.

I welcome her and thank her.

Eina dottvr ————–A daughter
berr Alfra/ðvll———–is birthed by Elf-Splendor (the Sun goddess)
aþr hana Fenrir fari; —after she is swallowed by the wolf
sv scal riða, ————–She (the New Sun) shall ride
þa er regin deyia, ——as the gods are dying
modvr bra/tir mer.—–the old paths of her mother.
–       Vafthrudnismál st.47, Poetic Edda

Another goddess who is honored is Frigga. Wife of Odin, she who weaves balance or frith. It is she that blesses relationships and cottage industry. During the winter the women would make things to sell in the spring and summer thus helping to support the family.

I thank Frigga for our healthy relationships and the what we’ve earned

Freyja is also honored.  Freyja is of the Vanir tribe, entities who represent the fertility of the land and those on it. She is the leader of  the Disir.Female spirits that protect those in their family line. They can be relatives or entities who have made the promise to protect the family.

Thank you Freyja, for the bounty I have, it may not be material but it is still wealth.

Thank you Disir, those I’ve met, like Grandma Austin, and those I have never met. Thank you for nourishing my soul.

Jord is awakening, the Jotun personification of earth. Mother of Thor, a lover of Odin.  She is the fertile soil we depend on and I thank her and welcome her.

I thank you all and one day I will be able to properly honor you all.

May you all have a blessed Mothers night.




A song for mother’s night

Old Norse Yule Celebration







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