3rd day of Yulr

Tonight I honor Thor.

Son of Odin and Jord.

Husband of golden-haired Sif and battle ready Jarnsaxa.

Father of Thrud, magni, and Modi.

He is the Jotun’s bane, driving away or killing those who intend to disrupt the balance.

Protector of midgard, our realm and one of nine, he wields Mjolnir against his foes.  He used it to bless our fields and our brides as well.

He is a boisterous god, with hair like flames and eyes like embers. He enjoys good drink and a good fight.

He is not mindless though, able to employ cunning when it’s needed though he prefers to be upfront.

On Yule the last of the grain is offered to Thor in the form of the Jolbok, the yule goat modeled after the goats that pull his cart as it thunders across the sky.  Twigs and acorns from the oak, sacred to Thor, are used in decor and ritual.



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