Fundraising for Frey


I’m reposting this as it’s own, separate post:

I am currently focusing on fundraising for Frey. We don’t have a Frey prayer card! I realized this when I was commissioning the coloring books. I very much want to remedy this. He is one of our most popular and most beloved Gods second perhaps only to Thor. I need to raise $400 for Him. Please, please help.

In return, I will do  a setting of lights for the month of January for any ancestor you wish. This means near daily prayers for their remembrance, well being, and happiness. If someone donates $100 or more, you will also receive a year’s subscription to Walking the Worlds. Let’s make this happen, folks.

Interested parties can donate by paypal to


(thank you to the folks who have already donating. Slowly but surely, we’re getting there).

Source: Fundraising for Frey


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