Race and Paganism

Okay, I’ve never experienced racism, that I know of. Sizeism, sexism, classism, yes. someone disgusted by me for being of European decent? No.  But I do notice it directed at other people all the time. My family is good at that even if they don’t seem to realize it.

My brother for example thinks people of African decent lack the mental capacity to do the same things white people do. An opinion shared by many in the pagan community who also appear to to think people of color are a different species.

In my opinion, since there is now way to actually prove it, I don’t think the gods care about the shade of your skin.   The mythology I’ve read appears to support that they are more interested in ones actions.  They punish people for their actions not because of melanin content, eye shape, hair texture, resistance or vulnerability to certain diseases.  God of the Bible not withstanding. (see much of the old testament)

The gods also don’t appear to have a problem with Marring or having sex outside their species. This is evidenced by people such as Heracles, Helen of Troy, Cu Chulainn, Hanuman,, Maui. They didn’t seem to mind different ethnic groups either as evidenced by Thor’s concubine Jarnsaxa, Freyr’ lover Gerdr, Skadi, about half the women Zeus slept with were titans.

Personally, I believe that if someone is drawn to a god they should learn as much about them and as long their respectful, honor them. No matter what that person looks like.



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