BhM- Hatshepsut

I’m going to profile various black historical figures over this Febuary.

I’m starting with Maatkare Hatshepsut.

This “Foremost of Noble Ladies” was born in 1507 BC to Thutmose I and his primary wife Ahmose in the 18th dynasty of Egypt. Hatshepsut was the primary wife of Thutmose II, with whom she had a daughter, Neferure. Neferure wasn’t the heir though, that honor belonged to Thutmose III, son of Thutmose II and his concubine Iset.

When Thutmose II died Hatshepsut was named co-regent with Thutmose III, due to his age.  Unusually for the time Hatshepsut didn’t kill her nephew to take over, she allowed him to live and lead her armies until her death. Here he was allowed to hone his skills.

During Hatshepsut’s reign Egypt experienced relative peace and much prosperity.  This was due to many factors including her mastery of propaganda, Thutmose’s skills as a commander, and Hatshepsut’s ability to keep everyone busy.

Hatshepsut is responsible for reestablishing trade routes that were cut off by the Hyksos, and establishing trade with Punt.  She built the mortuary temple at Deir el-Bahari, Karnak’s red chapel, restored the Precinct of Mut,built the two largest obelisks in the world,  the Temple of Pakhet, and a crap load of statues.

Hatshepsut’s reign ended on the 22nd year of her reign,when she was 51. It was due to her death.  According to her mummy, that was identified in 2007, Hashepsut died of a bone cancer/diabetes combo, made worse by arthritis and bad teeth.

Sometime after her death, Thutmose III decided to erase her from history for unknown reasons.


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