WHM-Harriet Tubman

The first entry for Woman’s history month is Harriet Tubman.  Harriet Tubman was an African-American abolitionist,  Nurse, Suffragette, Union Spy, and humanitarian.

330px-Harriet_Tubman_Civil_War_WoodcutHarriet was born a slave in Dorchester County, Maryland.  She was abused often in her youth, eventually receiving a blow to the head.  The head trauma would affect her for the rest of her life causing dizzy spells, epilepsy, blackouts, pain, and  hyposomnia(extreme drowsiness during the day)Today she would qualify for disability

At five or six Tubman was hired out to also watch a baby at a woman’s house, she would be whipped if the baby cried.  She was also hired to check muskrat traps in a swamp, despite having measles at one point.  Once she grew stronger she was used in the forest to haul logs and to work in the fields.

In 1940 Harriet’s father was freed when her master died, They technically were all free but the families their master hired them out to0 refused to follow his wishes and being black, Harriet  and her family couldn’t fight them.  In

In 1944 Harriet married John Tubman, free man.  Despite her husband’s status,  all their children would be slaves. At some point, Harriet got sick and her master tried to sell, a short time later her master died and his wife began selling off the other slaves.  This inspired  Harriet to run.

Harriet Used the underground Railroad, an escape network for slaves.  Instead of staying in relative comfort, Harriet became a conductor on the Underground Railroad.  She travelled by night using th North star, stopping at the homes of allies. She continued her rescues until 1860. .

In 1858 Harriet Tubman was introduced to John Brown, an abolitionist terrorist.  She helped him recruit for his raid on Harper’s Ferry, Virginia.  The raid failed and Brown was executed for treason.

After her retirement Harriet took in her elderly parents, people in need, and borders at her home in Auburn, Ny. Eventually, she fell and love married a bricklayer named Nelson Davis. Harriet eventually died after brain surgery of pnemonia.


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