WHM-Afeni Shakur

If the name sounds familiar, she’s Tupac Shakur’s mother. She wasn’t just the late rapper’s mom, she was an activist, philanthropist, recovering addict,businesswoman, producer, and according to some, terrorist.

Afeni was born Alice Faye Williams on January  22, 1947. She changed her name to an African name. (Specifically Yoruba)

Afeni was one of the members of the Black Panther Party arrested on 189 felonies.  She and others were accused of plotting to attack police stations and shopping centers .  Acting as her own counsel Afeni was able to get the charges dropped, not before spending 11 months in jail.  Dispite the aquittal, many consider the Black Panthers a terrorist organizaton.

A month after her aquittal Afeni gave birth to her first child, a son, Tupac Shukur.  Then she went on to have a daughter,Sekiywa.  Afeni was married twice, adding stepchildren to the family, one of whom is also a rapper.  During this time Afeni contracted cocaine addiction which she now successfuly manages.

After Tupac’s murder, Afeni used proceeds from his alblums to found the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts in Stone Moutian, Georgia.  The mission for the center is to help kids from  poor families develope theit skills in the arts. Afeni also founded Amaru Entertainment, which holds the rights to Tupac’s unrealeased works.


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