WHM Elizabeth Bathory

Part of history includes the crappy things.Countess Elizabeth Bathory

16th Century Countess Elizabeth Bathory wouls be an awesome role model, in charge of a huge territory she successfully defended, shrewd business woman,  loving mother and wife, she spoke and wrote multiple languages, so many positive qualities. Too bad she was Psycho.


She grew up in a horribly violent time in a violent family.  She got away with everything, spoiled literally rotten. She would often force people into sexual relationships, same as a lot of nobles of the day.

Bathory was married at fifteen to a twenty-something general.  He took it upon himself to teach his new wife the fine art of torture.  Actually pretty normal for the time, but Elizabeth and her retainers took it to a whole new level. They tormented the people under their protection until her husband’s death.

Elizabeth appears to have been driven by sexual sadism.  Adding to the sadism was her absolute power, money, and her fortresses.  Un Substantiated claims say she bathed in blood to keep her youth.

Un Substantiated claims say she bathed in blood to keep her youth.  What we do know she did was freeze her servants to death, bite them, and set them on fire(specifically their genitalia) Those are just a very few of what she did.  Bathory was only stopped when she started going after noble women.

Bathory never got a trial, being put under house arrest, her henchmen where.  They were tortured to death.

Despite the evidence against her, there are Bathory apologists.  They try to pass her off as a doctor and healer.  Her victims would have something to say to that.


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