whm- Kandake

Queen-of-MeroeWhen we think about Africa the Egyptians seem to get all the press,The totally understandable.  The Nile valley was home to a civilization just as interesting.  The Kingdom of Kush was a Nubian kingdom that lasted from 1070 BC – AD 350. It was founded at the end of Egypt’s New Kingdom in what is now Sudan.  The Kushite kingdom was also known as Ethiopia.

For this women’s history month entry, I’m focusing on the Kandake.  The Kandake was the title for Kushite queens who participated in combat.  The title translates to queen or queen-mother.  They are mentioned in the Bible and the Romances of Alexander the Great.

Alexander the Great was said to have come against the Kandake or Candace of Moroe(the capital in later years) They had a “romantic” encounter. Since Alexander didn’t go into Nubia, this is considered fantasy.

The earliest know Kandake to rule independently was Shanakdakhete(shown). Amanirrenas fended off Rome for five years. Amanishakheto is best known for her jewelry that was robbed from her tomb.  Amanitore is believed to be the kandake mentioned in the bible (Acts:8:26–40) she was one of th last rulers of the kingdom and was one of it’s greatest builders.


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