WTF -The Hinterkaifeck Murders

Gruber family-The Hinterkaifeck Murders shook the public – both from the brutality and the bizarre circumstances surrounding the homicides.  Police deduced that Andreas, Cäzilia, Viktoria, and young Cäzilia were somehow lured to the livestock barn and slaughtered one by one. Afterward, the killer (or killers) entered the house and bludgeoned little Josef while he slept in his parents’ bedroom. Then they headed to Maria’s room and murdered her, too.:

Hinterkaifeck homestead, The Gruber family, and their new maid were found bludgeoned to death.

The victims consisted of Maid, Maria Baumgartner(44), Patriarch And Matriarch Andreas(63) and Cäzilia(72) Gruber, their daughters Viktoria Gabriel(35),Cazilia(7-8)and 2 yr old son, Josef.

Police say that the events started about six months before, when the previous maid left, claiming the house was haunted. At the end of March, Mr.Gruger told friends of footprints in the snow leading to his farm but not away, footsteps, and a strange newspaper. None of this was reported to the police.

Sometime on March 31, The oldest four Grubers were lured to the barn and killed, the younger Cazilia, surviving a short time.  The Killer(s?) went into the house where they killed the toddler and the maid.  Their task completed, they took care of the farm animals, ate the family’s food over the weekend.

The family was found on April 4th, 1922, when no one was seen in a couple days.

Autopsies concluded the family was killed using a mattock, a hammer-like tool similar to a pickax, one side of the head flattened into a hoe.

.Rbbery was considered motive at first, until the police found a large sum in plain sight.Then Viktoria’s husband, Karl Gabriel was a suspect, he was dropped after his surviving unit confirmed they saw him die in ww1.(His body was never found though)In 2007 Police academy students came up with a suspect but have kept it uner wraps out of respect to the killer’s family.


Etruscan ‘Rosetta Stone’ found in Italy



The Etruscans are a little known civilisation that preceded Rome, so this discovery provides a rare insight into their language. This is from the i, 5 April:

An ancient stone tablet, discovered by archaeologists at a dig outside Florence is being hailed as “Italy’s Rosetta Stone” with excited experts saying the 2,500 year old artefact will provide remarkable insists into the ancient Etruscans.

This mysterious but highly cultured race, which colonised large pars of central and Northern Italy, built a civilisation that is regarded in many ways s as a model for the ancient Greek and Roman cultures that followed it.

The tablet, which is 4 ft long, contains 70 legible letters and punctuation marks,many of which are new to archaeologists. Experts know very little about he Etruscan language, because they wrote mostly on perishable objects such as wax tablets.

“We hope to make inroads into the Etruscan language,”said Gregory…

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