Etruscan ‘Rosetta Stone’ found in Italy



The Etruscans are a little known civilisation that preceded Rome, so this discovery provides a rare insight into their language. This is from the i, 5 April:

An ancient stone tablet, discovered by archaeologists at a dig outside Florence is being hailed as “Italy’s Rosetta Stone” with excited experts saying the 2,500 year old artefact will provide remarkable insists into the ancient Etruscans.

This mysterious but highly cultured race, which colonised large pars of central and Northern Italy, built a civilisation that is regarded in many ways s as a model for the ancient Greek and Roman cultures that followed it.

The tablet, which is 4 ft long, contains 70 legible letters and punctuation marks,many of which are new to archaeologists. Experts know very little about he Etruscan language, because they wrote mostly on perishable objects such as wax tablets.

“We hope to make inroads into the Etruscan language,”said Gregory…

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