Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness month and I’m going to do some profiles. I’ll start with Alexander the Great. Obviously, his diagnosis can’t be proven, especially since there are no neutral sources as far as I know, on him.


Copy written to Il taccuino di PaN

Alexander was born in what is now Macedon, Greece, to King Phillip the II and one of his wives, Olympias. From birth, he may have been told that he was a demigod by his mother.He was highly intelligent and had the best tutors, He was just as athletic.  His Nurse and servents raised him and at 13 he was sent to boarding school. He hardly saw his dad, who was off fighting, or his mother.

When he was 16 Alexanders father left him in charge of Macedon. The boy then proceeded to conquer the Maedi, a Thracian tribe from somewhere in SW Europe. Here he founded his first city.A short time after Phillip was assassinated, a former lover his was held responsible and killed.

At 20 Alexander became the head om his father’s empire. After  which he put down the Greek rebellions and finished off the Balkans.That’s when he decided to take out the Persian empire, thus earning himself an arch nemesis.

Darius III.

Ironically many people Alexander’s army were Greek mercenaries Many of whom were Spartans.

Not that it worked.

Through cunning and the trust his men had in him, ALaxander took city after city of the Persians. Despite almost dying a couple times due to injuries from battle. Each place he won he founded a city, usually named after him and at least one named after his favorite horse, Bucephalus.

After a while, the Persians got tired of Darius and killed him themselves. This disappointed Alexander who ordered Darius be buried at the Persian capital with full honors. Alexander then hunted down and killed Darius’ usurper,Bessus.

The Persian empire was now his.

He didn’t stop  there though.

After Persia, Alexander decided to keep going, much to the exhaustion of his men. This is the time the signs of his possible mental illness became most noticeable.

Alexander’s second found  out the pointy way.  His name was Parmerio, and Alexander thought his kid was plotting to kill him.  Instead of just offing those believed to be involved, Alexander had Parmerio killed too.  He didn’t do it himself though, he made a man named Polydamus do it. By taking the man’s sons hostage.

Then their was Alexander’s friend, Cleitus.  Cleitus was peeved that Alexander was adopting the ways of the Persian.  So he told his king off. Later that, he and Alexander got drunk and killed his friend.  This triggered Alexander to go into a deep depression for three days.

After this Alexander kept making more bad decisions, like running his troops into the ground until they force him to stop his advance into Asia.  Attacking place, leading to unnecisary loss of men.

Before these murders he showed signs like achoholism, unstable temperment, reckless behavior in battle, to the point of ignoring serious wounds in battle, impulsivity, Delusions, more than usual paranoia, Detachment.depression.









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