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This video from the USA says about itself: Blue Jays Prank Squirrels – and Humans! 26 July 2016 Blue Jays seem to delight in terrorizing the Backyard Gray Squirrels and manipulating us humans with their false alarm calls. When I hear these loud group alarm calls I usually grab the camera and head for the […]

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People Forget… — Fire and Ink

Originally posted on Gangleri’s Grove: People forget, When they paint their nails And gush about how sweet He is And how He looks like that movie star (you know the one) how He soothes their egos telling them what pretty little snowflakes they are that He stood with His brothers in that gasping gap…

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Beltane and Walpurgisnacht

The fires crackles along with the beat of the drum.  The night is electric with energy as the people dance together. Gleaming bodies painted orange by the sacred flames as the spin and leap.

Beltane is celebrated May 1(Nov 1 in the S. Hemisphere). The Fae are more active in our reality during this time and offerings are left for them.

Sacred fires are lit on top of hills and livestock are driven between two bonfires made up of sacred herbs so they are hopefully protected and fertile.  People jump the flames for luck in the coming year. The nights food is cooked on these fires.

Homes are decorated with flowers. Yellow flowers are placed over the doors, in the windows. The flowers are fastened to cows and cow related equipment.

Outside of each house a May Bush is decorated. The “bush” is a small tree or branch , usually from a Hawthorne, Sycamore, or Rowan. Mine is  probably going to be a Maple branch. These are decorated with ribbons and flowers, among other things.  There are often communal May Bushes too.  These are decorated by the whole nighborhood. This occaisionally leading to compitition.

In some places the Maypole is erected.  This is a pole on wich ribbons are hung. People wound take the end of each and dance around the pole in a way that would cause the ribbons to braid around the pole.

This is a time when pilgrimages are made sacred wells.  While there, people pray for healing or health while circling from east to west.  Offerings of coins and clooties, strups of fabrics, are left. Other than wells, dew is important.  At dawn young women roll in the dewy grass, wash in it, or gather it. The idea is to increase sexual atractivness, cure skin ailments, or stay young.

It’s important to take the time on Beltane to appease the fea and other spirits of you land.  This, in the case of the fea at least ment a libation of milk poured is poured onto the steps of your front door and/or at sites they hang out.

Walpurgusnacht or Walpurgus Night.

A Catholic Saint’s Night celebrating St Walpurga, an Abess who lived in Germany.  Germanic pagans use her name or Hexenacht(Witch’s Night) The celibrations are simular to Beltane.  On this night Freyja rides with “witches”, kids may prank thier nieghbors, and people confess their love.  It’s kind of like a combo of Holloween and Valintine’s day.



February 1st or August 1st in the Southern hemisphere, is Imbolc to those who practice Wicca and Celtic paganism.  On this day the beginning of spring is celebrated and the goddess Bridget is honored.

Bridget or Bride is a Gaelic goddess who’s father is the Dagda and one of the poets of the Tuatha de Dannan(Irish tribe of gods).  When the Tuatha arrived in Ireland, Bridget was married to the Formorian(a tribe already living is Ireland) Bres. With Bres she had her late Ruadan. She also has two oxes named Fe and Men, the King of Boars, Torch Traith, King of Sheep, Cirb.

Bridget’s responsibilities are poetry, medicine, smiths, Mourning songs, art, crafting, livestock, sacred wells, spring, and in Scotland, snakes, natural flames, fire, warfare, eloquence, highlands.

Over time Briget became a saint, St Bridget of Kildare.

The feast of Imbolc is celebrated with feasting, making of Bridget’s crosses, making offerings at sacred wells, cleaning, divination,


Lebor Gabála Érenn



Race and Paganism

Okay, I’ve never experienced racism, that I know of. Sizeism, sexism, classism, yes. someone disgusted by me for being of European decent? No.  But I do notice it directed at other people all the time. My family is good at that even if they don’t seem to realize it.

My brother for example thinks people of African decent lack the mental capacity to do the same things white people do. An opinion shared by many in the pagan community who also appear to to think people of color are a different species.

In my opinion, since there is now way to actually prove it, I don’t think the gods care about the shade of your skin.   The mythology I’ve read appears to support that they are more interested in ones actions.  They punish people for their actions not because of melanin content, eye shape, hair texture, resistance or vulnerability to certain diseases.  God of the Bible not withstanding. (see much of the old testament)

The gods also don’t appear to have a problem with Marring or having sex outside their species. This is evidenced by people such as Heracles, Helen of Troy, Cu Chulainn, Hanuman,, Maui. They didn’t seem to mind different ethnic groups either as evidenced by Thor’s concubine Jarnsaxa, Freyr’ lover Gerdr, Skadi, about half the women Zeus slept with were titans.

Personally, I believe that if someone is drawn to a god they should learn as much about them and as long their respectful, honor them. No matter what that person looks like.


General Hades Info

I get why people are nervous about Hades, he keeps order in the Greek underworld that’s named after him and controls death. The Ancient Greeks had no feast for him and preferred not to sacrifice to him as to not draw his attention. Unless they needed a curse done or to talk to the dead.

IN modern times he’s almost always the bad guy. His abduction and tricking of Persephone, with permission of Zeus, doesn’t help.

It’s easy to forget that that he’s also the giver of wealth. One of his other responsibilities is over valuable minerals. He also enforces is proper burial.
Hades by cheery-macaroon on DeviantArt

Contrary to popular opinion Hades’ realm isn’t just dark and gloomy. His palace, chariot, and throne are gold. Aside from Cerberus he has a herd of black cattle and a stable of black horses. He also has a grove of pomegranate trees.

Hades retinue consists of Persephone(in the winter)his wife.

Hades(or Zues’) daughter Melinoe, who travels the earth with ghosts and distributes the offerings to the dead.

His daughter Macaria, goddes of merciful death.

Daimon/Skreechowl/gardener Askalaphos

Erinyes, three sisters who dish out punishment, and not in the fun way.  They are Hades daughters.

The Keres who attended the throne of Hades and preside over violent death.

Kharon/Charon, Hades first line of defense, takes the dead across the Styx.

Menoites are Hades cowboys who guard his herd.

Oneiroi give us our dreams and aid Hypnos, god of sleep.

The gods Styx,  Cocytus and Phelgethon, of the underworld rivers.

Thanatos is the daimon of death.

Hades judges and counselors are Minos,  Aiakos and Rhadamanthys. Aiakos is also the doorman of Hades.

Hades is the son of Rhea and Cronos.

Sacred to Hades is mint, asphodel, white poplar, screech owl, cypress,

10TH and 11th day of Yule

These two days I honor The steadfast and Loyal Sigyn, wife of Loki.

I honor her for her undying loyalty as she tried to ease her husband’s pain during his torture.  I hope I can persevere as she has in my life’s efforts.

I Honor Heimdallr who guards and protects the world of the gods.

Silent Vidar, who will avenge Odin.  Due to his loyalty an steadfastness the god’s call on him in times of difficulty.800px-Vidar_by_Hansen

9th day of yule

To day I honor Tyr and Vor.

Vor is the Norse goddess of truth.

I thank her for Her lesson.

This year I will be more honest with myself so I may change for the better.

I honor Tyr, god of law to whom oaths are sworn.  I thank you for your courage and sacrifices you made

I hope to have the courage to make changes for the better.



8th day of Yule

cf075c086f4c9272f8f22da9d4f1190aToday I honor Odin.

Allfather, undefinable. giver of the breath of life and inspiration. Healer and Destroyer.

He gave us the gift of a soul,

I thank you for reminding me that knowledge is worth the pain I may have in receiving it. That cunning can be more important than brute force and that sometimes force is needed.  .I thank you for the inspiration you provide.

I hope that I may find courage and inspiration this coming year.

This vid reminds me of Odin

sixth night of Yule

To many the sixth day of Yule represents moderation

Today I honor  Frigga.

I Thank Frigga for her stabilizing influence.

I honor Frigga as Frou Holle and Perchta, the bright one who teaches that hard work is rewarded and greed, punished(eventually)

I pray that this year I will be well enough to work hard. I will learn moderation and resist being ton greedy.

I pray that I learn how to properly reward others and continue to give back to my community.