Before whom the sky trembles.

Fluffy witch here. I’m devoting this post to Set.

I know, I know, eviiiiil!


At least not the way I see him.
His general info is this.
He is called Set, Setesh, Sutekh, Seth,Sutesh, Suty
The Phonecians associated him with Ba’al

He’s the decedent of …insert creator of the universe here… Said creator made Shu and Tefnut who had Nut or Nuit, and Geb, who had Set. Set has three to four siblings, depending on what story your reading. Isis\Auset, Osiris\Ausir, Nephthys\Nebt het, and sometimes Horus the elder\Heru.. 

He is paired with Nephthys and to my knowledge, they don’t have any kids. Or it’s Anubis\Anpu, who is usually Osiris’ son, or he’s older than both, depends on the sources. He’s also later paired with Tawaret, Anat, Astarte, maybe Hathor\Het heru. Not sure about any kids.
Set the is most noted for his murder of Osiris’ and battle with Horus the younger.  There are a couple versions of the murders of Osiris’. Most commonly is Set was jealous of Osiris, or pissed about an affair Nephthys and Osiris had that resulted in Anubis. He then tricked Osiris  into a casket and suffocated him. Isis found him and brought him back to life and got pregnant. Set killed him again and chopped him up. Isis and Nephthys put him back together, sans penis, a fish ate it, and brought him back again.
There are multiple version of Set’s fights with Horus too. Basically, they tore into each, literally, until the God’s came to a decision. Horus was given Egypt, Khemet at the time, and Set, the desert.  Osiris became ruler of duat the otherworld.
Safe to say Set hat been thoroughly demonized. Probably about the time Set’s upper Egypt was conquered by Horus’ lower Egypt. His adoption by the Hyksos after they took Egypt didn’t help either.


Set represents the desert. Storms, clouds, necessary chaos and violence. Foreigners,  In a more personal sense he is a God of individuality, protection, personification of the Pharaoh’s martial strength. Beer, rage, earthquakes,
He is a protector of Ra, defeating Apep nightly.
His totems are Sha or Salawa(see, his head), pig , donkey, hippo, wild dog, gazelle, oxyrnchus fish, Nile carp, red animals, red headed humans,


Horus and Set reconciled. Image from

Some of Set’s titles are….
He before whom the sky trembles.
Lord of the red lands.
Son of Nut.
Lord of the Western desert
Bull of Ombos
Killer of his brother.
Slayer of Apep
Protector of Ra
Beautiful God.
Son of Geb
Lord of sedges
Lord of storms
Equal to and rival of Horus

More to come, with sources!