twice born

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Orphic origin of Dionysus.

Some time before Hades took Persephone, she caught the eye of Zeus.  She was uninterested in his advances but Zeus isn’t big on consent. He watched her until she fell asleep quietly approached her, taking the form of a snake. He slid between her thighs and took what he wanted.  Satisfied, Zeus left her their but kept track of her, waiting for his child to be born.

After however long it takes god to gestate, Persephone birthed a son.and Zeus identified himself as the boy’s father and he was named Zagreus, Great Hunter. As he grew Zagreus was taught to use is father’s lightning among others.

Hera was understandably upset and chose have Zagreus killed.  She contacted the Titans and angered them against the baby.

The Titans knew Zagreus was well protected so the decided to make the boy come to them. They gathered toys and used them to lure Zagreus away from his nurses.  The plan worked as they watched the god toddle over to the objects and begin to play.

The Titans grabbed the baby who began to scream as the lore him apart and began to eat him.  Zeus heard the chilling screams and came to his son’s rescue, vaporizing the assailants..  He was too late. All that remained were  either the child’s heart or genitals.

Not wanting loose his son, Zeus came up with a plan, He ground the child’s parts into a potion and gave it to Semele, one of his mistresses. When she got pregnant her child was Zagreus, now Dionysus.

Most of this was from memory with a little help from