dream diary

DOn’t remember Much before the crowded bus ride other than my dad, TV, aliens, and my clothes doing strange things. I took a walk and comic book stores kept appearing along the street.

Not sure how I got on the bus but I remember eating burritos and getting messy. I remember a dude making jewelry.He was going to a craft show or something and asked me about what it was like. He showed me some stones,a pink/orange one and green/blue one are the ones I remember. He was weaving some into some hemp string.

f people knew agoutThere was I guy behind me but I don’t know what he was doing. He talked a lot and showed me a stone. He then got off when the driver said something in code that a bunch of people knew about. This happened in a grocery store parking  lot.

The bus got going and we reached lake Erie. There were seagulls, and terns everywhere.We got out and some gut bothered the Terns and ran. I told him to cover his head and lay still. It worked. A kid killed them after that and I got med. I pinned him to the ground after I resisted spanking him. I asked him who was going to care for their chicks.

After I get him scared I let him go and we goth got distracted by a old fashioned ship.  They didn’t get out of the marina.  A storm hit and all but one abandoned ship and we helped them out.