February 1st or August 1st in the Southern hemisphere, is Imbolc to those who practice Wicca and Celtic paganism.  On this day the beginning of spring is celebrated and the goddess Bridget is honored.

Bridget or Bride is a Gaelic goddess who’s father is the Dagda and one of the poets of the Tuatha de Dannan(Irish tribe of gods).  When the Tuatha arrived in Ireland, Bridget was married to the Formorian(a tribe already living is Ireland) Bres. With Bres she had her late Ruadan. She also has two oxes named Fe and Men, the King of Boars, Torch Traith, King of Sheep, Cirb.

Bridget’s responsibilities are poetry, medicine, smiths, Mourning songs, art, crafting, livestock, sacred wells, spring, and in Scotland, snakes, natural flames, fire, warfare, eloquence, highlands.

Over time Briget became a saint, St Bridget of Kildare.

The feast of Imbolc is celebrated with feasting, making of Bridget’s crosses, making offerings at sacred wells, cleaning, divination,


Lebor Gabála Érenn