General Hades Info

I get why people are nervous about Hades, he keeps order in the Greek underworld that’s named after him and controls death. The Ancient Greeks had no feast for him and preferred not to sacrifice to him as to not draw his attention. Unless they needed a curse done or to talk to the dead.

IN modern times he’s almost always the bad guy. His abduction and tricking of Persephone, with permission of Zeus, doesn’t help.

It’s easy to forget that that he’s also the giver of wealth. One of his other responsibilities is over valuable minerals. He also enforces is proper burial.
Hades by cheery-macaroon on DeviantArt

Contrary to popular opinion Hades’ realm isn’t just dark and gloomy. His palace, chariot, and throne are gold. Aside from Cerberus he has a herd of black cattle and a stable of black horses. He also has a grove of pomegranate trees.

Hades retinue consists of Persephone(in the winter)his wife.

Hades(or Zues’) daughter Melinoe, who travels the earth with ghosts and distributes the offerings to the dead.

His daughter Macaria, goddes of merciful death.

Daimon/Skreechowl/gardener Askalaphos

Erinyes, three sisters who dish out punishment, and not in the fun way.  They are Hades daughters.

The Keres who attended the throne of Hades and preside over violent death.

Kharon/Charon, Hades first line of defense, takes the dead across the Styx.

Menoites are Hades cowboys who guard his herd.

Oneiroi give us our dreams and aid Hypnos, god of sleep.

The gods Styx,  Cocytus and Phelgethon, of the underworld rivers.

Thanatos is the daimon of death.

Hades judges and counselors are Minos,  Aiakos and Rhadamanthys. Aiakos is also the doorman of Hades.

Hades is the son of Rhea and Cronos.

Sacred to Hades is mint, asphodel, white poplar, screech owl, cypress,